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1. The dna genomixer

Do you want your DNA on a touch screen

DNA profiled interactive artworks custom made and running on a touch screen. The original genomixer is available as a limited edition artwork. Made in 2003. Genomixer touch screens have been exhibited around the world and won numerous arts awards.

A Genomixer custom made version is also available. Each DNA artwork would be based on yourr DNA profile. If you are interested get in touch. You will also have to have your DNA profiled for me to make the work.

Price on application.

Images genomixer 2003.

Stanza dna artwork_genomixer

Above. Show screenshot of touch screen with genomixer. 2003

2. A bedspread made out STANZA dna profile.

Do you want your Chromosomes or DNA on bed spread.

Custion made bedspread based on DNA profile. The example below is my DNA profile. Note each one will be custom made. Price on application.

Stanza dna artworkStanza DNA

Image copyright stanza 2003

3. Customised ring tone for you mobile phone based on your profile.

Price on application.

Listen to these examples using Stanza DNA.


stanzadnastringtelephone 120


4. A building made from your dna profile.

Imagine Living in a living house. Click here for further information.See interactive first version.

Price on application.

stanza dna buidlingStanza DNA building photo. 2004

5. DNA Portraits. Paintings made from your profile.

Do you want your DNA on a oil on canvas or digital print on canvas painted by Stanza. The example below are my DNA from 2003. These are for sale.

Email me for sizes and prices.

If you want you own DNA made into a digital print on canvas, contact me for prices.

DNA Portraits

Stanza. DNA Portrait 2003

Stanza. DNA Portrait copyright 2003

DNA Portraits

Stanza. DNA Portrait copyright 2003

6. "Clone me". Sample of stanza DNA.

My sampled DNA is currently in the freezer in a sealed container. It is for sale as an artwork. You get the DNA and a signed photo. Price on application.

Stanza DNA artwork. Clone artist stanza.

Photo copyright Stanza 2003

7. Stanza dna g-banding chromosome image on canvas.

This image show alll my chromosomes as one image. The imnage was taken rom the miscropscope.

Available as digital print on canvas. This is an limited editioned work.

Price on application.

Stanza painting dna. 2003STANZA BLUE CHROMOSOMESImage copyright Stanza 2003



Segment of my Chromosome 17 sequenced from my DNA.





Free sample of Stanza DNA code.

Stanza chromosome 17. This segment of code is open source.

9. DNA time clock installation.

See here for more details This installation is for sale. It counts through all 3.3 billion parts of the DNA and open sources the DNA code. This is a conceptual artwork. Price on application.

Stanza DNA open source clock. DNA as artwotk.Stanza DNA time time. Photo from installation version.


8. Genomixer oil on canvas available. Sizes variable. Painted by Stanza of your DNA

Price on application.

Stanza DNA portrait


Portrait of Stanza in front of Stanza DNA portrait. Taken 2003.


-Genomixer, ( won first  prize at Art in Motion (AIM V: SYZYGY the human remix) exhibition, at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California. Out of over 700 submissions.

-Genomixer exhibited at and gets an honary mention at Videoformes France.

-Genomixer exhibited at Fififestival where Stanza won first prize for ccityv which is a real time online global surveillance system.

-Genomixer exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2004 Electronic Art Exhibition in USA.

- A solo show of Stanza touch screen editions was exhibited in Los Angeles in March 2003. The exhibition includes several touchscreens, multiple projectors featured genomixer.

- Stanza's "Genomixer" exhibited at Ciberat Bilbao (

-Stanza was in Amsterdam in august 2003 for an event called "Test Portal".  This was experimental performance and VJ set using DNA sounds and data from genomixer all projected on to 100 ft screens. 

- Stanza exhibited genomixer at the Digital Hub Ireland in July 2003 and then returned in September to make a presentation and talk.

- Stanza dna from genomixer featured on BBC radio 3 and played in introduction in talk about art and science.

stanza logo

Stanza is an internationally recognised artist, who has been exhibiting worldwide since 1984. His artworks have won prestigious painting prizes and ten first prize art awards including:- Vidalife 6.0 First Prize. SeNef Grand Prix. Videobrasil First Prize. Stanzas art has also been rewarded with a prestigious Nesta Dreamtime Award, an Arts Humanities Creative Fellowship and a Clarks bursary award.